Read the April edition of THE FENCE magazine

Read the April edition of THE FENCE magazine

Check out the April 2020 issue of THE FENCE magazine. Regional news publishes THE FENCE magazine for fencing professionals on behalf of the Australian fencing industry group, FENCiT.

THE FENCE is the key communication tool for fencing professionals in Australia.

THE FENCE is the official publication for the Australian fencing industry with readership of over 5,000 nationally.

THE FENCE magazine is a monthly publication released in the first week of each month (except January).

THE FENCE magazine is designed to showcase the fencing industry, it’s people and it’s products.

THE FENCE magazine is a vital source of information for all fencing industry businesses and stakeholders.

THE FENCE magazine is produced by Regional News in conjunction with the national fencing industry group, FENCiT.

This issue features stories on:

  • The Australian FENCING Awards 2020
  • Fencing grants and opportunities for rural fencers and suppliers
  • Tips and advice for handling COVID-19
  • Latest fencing products
  • Innovative design tips
  • Top Australian fencers
  • Tips for rebuilding after the bushfires
    . . . and more