Video consumption in Australia

Video consumption in Australia

PwC has released the updated version of the My Screen: Video Consumption in Australia report, replacing the original report.

The report aims to provide marketers with comprehensive analysis of the video landscape, considering where and how Australians are consuming content, the content they’re consuming, and what this means for marketers.

PwC CMO Advisory partner, Justin Papps said, “With so many options for today's marketer, this research provides a comprehensive view of video consumption and the different roles various channels play. The majority of the findings in this second report remain consistent with the first, with some revisions to the industry reach analysis which now incorporates data sourced from Roy Morgan.”

The key findings of the report are:

  • The five highest reaching video platforms in Australia remain the same.
  • Marketers must have a plan with regard to how their organisation will adapt to the proliferation of ad free channels, as their reach is significant.
  • Netflix is the primary video platform for three of the top four “most watched” video content genres.
  • “Wide range of content” is the primary driver of perceived quality for video platforms.
  • Based on PwC Consumer Research, there is a small bandwidth of claimed attention across video categories.